‘Alias’ Photo Gallery

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2 Responses to ‘Alias’ Photo Gallery

  1. djj64 says:

    O M G!!!! How did I miss this stunning woman all this time!!!??? I thought I recognized you/her, but when I clicked on the ‘Soprano’s’ gallery I remember that was the first time I had seen that gorgeous face and heavenly body! Geez, and to see Tony Soprano’s fat-ass on top of her made me wanna hurl, haha. From heat to her beautiful toes, probably the most stunningly gorgeous woman I have ever seen in my life! Sarah, if you should read this ‘yeah right’ I’m sure you can get my e-mail from this comment, PLEEEEZ write me! Haha, dream on Dave, wow, what a thrill it would be to correspond with you, trade pix?? LMAO, haha, yeah, I must be asleep and dreamin’ xoxoxoxo Dave

  2. Chris says:

    Will was an absolute moron.

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