American East

A very important cultural movie. Movies like this can open our eyes to the issues around us. I did this movie for very little. I believe in the message and of course, it was an opportunity to work with Tony Shaloub.

Mustafa is a Muslim who runs a falafel stand in Los Angeles, but he dreams of opening a real restaurant. Unfortunately, no one in his family shares his vision. The only person who does is Sam, who just happens to be Jewish. Can they get along or are they headed for a culture clash?

Sarah Shahi plays Salwah in this independent film directed by Hesham Issawi. It also stars Sayed Badreya, Eric Avari and Tay Blessey.

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  1. Shanna says:

    This sounds like a really interesting project. Going to try to watch it soon and really hope it is an eye opener! And if I do not need to open my eyes, I just hope it’s good. :-)

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