Dani Reese

“Dani Reese was a bad girl. It’s fun to be bad. If I had to gone longer her arc could have been amazing.”

Detective Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) returns to the force after serving 12 years of a life sentence for murders he did not commit. Now he’s a got a second chance and a new lease on life that’s more Zen than gung-ho. He’s got a new partner (Sarah Shahi) who’s skeptical of Charlie until she realizes his unique outlook makes him a better cop.

Dani Reese, Charlie Crew’s partner, has a difficult past of her own. A recovering drug addict and alcoholic and the daughter of a retired cop, Dani is suspicious of her new partner – at least at first. In time they become a great team that uncovers the truth, even when it threatens to rock their own lives.

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5 Responses to Life

  1. pam says:

    really love your role here :)

  2. Shanna says:

    I absolutely love this show! I have watched it over and over and over again…

  3. shazia says:

    i always said tht u r not human.
    u r an angel…….

  4. piccrocc says:

    Thanks for Dani Reese. The most intriguing, real, heartbreaking, female cop since Helen Mirren’s Jane Tennison on Prime Suspect. I miss her stillness, flaws, strength, and quirky side glances. I often wonder where the creators imagined her story going. And I wish for you roles as rich as this one. Your talent deserves it.

  5. Yang Thor says:

    I really love this show b/c you played a great role. Hard to say but I loved Charlie Crews character better. Not to say that your character wasn’t bad either. I thought there was a weird chemistry between your character and his. You guys were halirious at times and jaw dropping in other times. I wish the show had never ended. It’s too bad Charlie had to karate chop the bad guy to death and discovered what his role in life was. Ever thought about bring back the show with a new twist and storyline?

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