Maxim Photoshoot

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4 Responses to Maxim Photoshoot

  1. Carrie Dechant says:

    First of all you are GORGEOUS!!!!! Second I love love love your laugh!!! Third your body is UHHH-MAZZZ-ING!!! Forth You crack me up! \Nothing like laying your naked body on wet grass\ LOL! I love you Sarah!

  2. garanger says:

    I’ve seen just about everything you’ve ever done (many more times than once!), and you still leave me breathless.

  3. Kazi Tamanna says:

    I thought I was straight!! lol……kidding :) smokin hot! and lucky cameraman!

  4. Nicole says:

    Sarah I 1rst saw you in this issue of Maxim. I of course thought you were beautiful, but it was your down to earth personalitly that came through in the interview that made me learn more about you. Lucky I did, you’re an amazing person, with exceptional talent.

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