My Fave Charity

My favorite charity is Oceana. I really like browsing Oceana’s website because there are so many great articles about how you can make a difference. A really cool one to check out is “10 Things You Can Do To Save our Oceans.” They also post important petitions to sign and feature updates about important environmental issues. Rock on, Oceana!

Right now you can help Oceana more than ever. Log onto their site and cast your vote to help them win $200,ooo in funding from American Express Members Project.  You can vote for them – or another worthy charity – once a week.

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4 Responses to My Fave Charity

  1. BurningChrome says:

    good charity! i’m an ocean champion w/ and i have donated to them in the past.

  2. Kazi Tamanna says:

    If ever I can be of any help to you , I know you have a lot of people around to be there for you, but still if I can help you with anything apart from casting my vote for oceana, well I’m just a poke away ! Hope to see you in person someday…maybe…atleast for a second! God bless! keep up the good work!

  3. vee says:

    i spend my free time (and even my time at *cough* work) rescuing and helping and feeding stray animals – of all kinds. i’ve even become a vegetarian for ethical and ecologic reasons. so i’m particularly sensitive about the whole “environment” issue, and i’m so glad you feel the need to support this kind of activities. most of people just ignore them, but everybody should know that it’s important that each one of us stands up in order to change and improve our “cultural behavior” towards our planet and other species.
    i used to think highly of you, while now… well, now i couldnt say anything bad about you, not even if i wanted to :) .
    god bless you and that million dollar smile of yours.

  4. Pam says:

    How about: “Drill on land, not sea.” Oil is like a resource that we need????? We can do both.

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