Shades Of Ray

“I love romantic comedies. Though it’s never like that in real life, they’re fun to act. Zach and I had great chemistry.”

With a Pakistani dad and a Caucasian mom, Ray is used to mingling cultures. But when his parents split up and his white girlfriend stalls after he proposes, Ray begins to think the multicultural tapestry of his life is beginning to unravel. Then he meets a beautiful woman who makes him question where his identity really lies.

Sarah Shahi plays Sana Khaliq, a beautiful woman who shakes up Ray’s life. Confident and proud of her mixed descent, she makes Ray question how he sees himself … and the world around him.

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3 Responses to Shades Of Ray

  1. Shanna says:

    I still want to watch this but can’t find it anywhere. Is it only available on Amazon?

  2. piccrocc says:

    Shades is a sweet, simply written, funny, tender story that is well acted by a cast delivering great understated performances. What I admire in your acting is how subtle you can be. Such range of expressions cross your face allowing the viewer to see and feel a kaleidoscope of emotions.

  3. FLMAX says:

    I too love romantic comedies . In fact, anytime I watch a JLo or Jennifer Anniston movie, I always imagine you as the lead instead of them and I know you would nail each role! I so look forward to your new show.

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