The L Word Montage Video

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15 Responses to The L Word Montage Video

  1. Carrie Dechant says:

    Watching this makes me miss you and Kate being together! Carmen + Shane = best L Word couple ever!

  2. Marilyn Gonzalez says:

    Im with u Carrie the L Word wasn’t the same with out Sarah. I thought she was gonna come back for the last season or at least thats what I wanted LOL… Good Luck Sarah I Love the Web Page looks great it was worth waiting for !!

  3. garanger says:

    Oh, for the good old nights… (of course those were only seasons 1 and 2)

  4. Shirley Suene says:

    Sua pagina da web ficou muito legal, continua linda como sempre…….adoro ver e rever as temporadas 2 e 3 de The L Word varias vezes, so para vê-la, você é a mais bela das mulheres que ja vi………amo você………

  5. Gigi Beas says:

    yea, i agree with the other two gurls…the L Word was not the same without you and shane 2gether….ur the best :)

  6. pam says:

    nice video.. hope @ilenechaiken would set up the movie already and put the original cast back together with a great blast of happy ending of course. haha!

  7. Laiana says:

    You was the most beautiful and sweet and honest and friend and everything good in a only character. The most sexy DJ ever.
    Um grande beijo!!

  8. mavis says:

    i miss you and kate together as well

  9. mini_dhap says:

    Carmen De La Pica Morales was the hottest charecter in The L Word, and when you left the show went downhill !! Loved you and Kate together. Sharmen Forever xxx

  10. ruth says:

    even a movie starring you and kate will sufice =) you really have a strong chemistry! and this video is way better than brad pitt-angelina, taylor lautner- taylor swift, leonardo decaprio- kat winslet screen romance! you are like the hottest couple ever! hahahaha. and whenever i watch this video i always end up confused, i dont know if i’ll turn into a girl gay or guy gay.. argghh the two of you drives me crazy!

  11. Barb says:

    I kinda stopped watching after Sarah left. Wasn’t as good without her superb acting.

  12. deh says:

    O melhor de todo foi qdo ela fez The L Word… te amo!!!

  13. Carol says:

    Simply the best…. sarah you’re wonderfull.

  14. widad says:

    It’s really exciting kisses of lust and the performance was sarah shahi wonderful too, especially in the exchange of kisses

  15. widad says:

    Say is that Sarah’s performance was great, especially in the exchange of kisses

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