A Big Shout Out to SarahShahiAR

Thanks to the fan who Tweets as SarahShahiAR. It means so much to me to have such loyal — and talented – fans. Check out this artwork he recently Tweeted. It’s so cool. Thank you, SarahShahiAR! You’re amazing!

Follow SarahShahiAR and look out for more amazing Tweets. I know I’ll be looking out for them.

Are you or do you know of any other fans on Twitter? Let me know about them. I’d love to check them out. And who knows, maybe I’ll post about them, too.

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16 Responses to A Big Shout Out to SarahShahiAR

  1. Nikoleta_Greece says:

    I like what you do as far as your fans are concerned. It’s important to appreciate whatever they do for you,even a small “I love you” or “I liked this or that Sarah” that will tell you should be appreciated in my opinion…Famous people don’t usually do that and that’s an honor to you!Bravo!

    By the way your site roooocks!As the time passes I believe that more fotos,videos and general staff will be uploaded so it’s a great work!

    Keep the good work Sarah and we are aaaaaaaall waiting for the 20th January to come!!!Is it sooooo far as it seems????Haha!Noooope!Just 2 months plus approximately 17-18 days!Oooooh Gosh!!!It sounds farther than I thought eventually…!Haha!Take care!

  2. Jurinde says:

    Check out http://www.sarah-shahi.com! awesome fansite (but i think you already know that site)

  3. vee says:

    alright… sadly i dont know about sarahshahiAr but there’s definitely something i can share with you, since you indirectly have a part in it. it’s this: http://tinyurl.com/34gnmmr
    it’s almost over now. but it might be a good reading, especially for you. if you want, let me know what you think about it.

  4. C/M says:

    Check out myspace, http://www.myspace.com/sarashahi
    I’ve done it over 2 years and it’s always updated…
    Let me know also what do u think about it…X

  5. La Holandesa Anita says:

    Yeah Amazing what she does with the foto’s! So great all these fan sites. I love it soooo much :) ) I can’t get enough of it.
    Geeeeeeee am really nuts hahaha. No! I love to read & see all your beautiful foto’s Sarah! I wanna thank you too all !!! :) and esp. say thanx to you too Sarah ! for sharing and update us. You are SPECIAL! Kiss from Amsterdam.
    This is wowie too ! See here: http://fuckyeahsarahshahi.tumblr.com/

  6. La Holandesa Anita says:

    Yes, is amazing! Love to see all foto’s and readings about you. Thanx for sharing everyone!!!! & esp. Sarah for updating us. Is SEPCIAL, you are SPECIAL! Kisses from Amsterdam!! Wish we see more Sarah Shahi here. Thank God for internet! :) I really love it a lot. Nicola Jane Francis Parkes site is WOWIE too!

  7. Laiana says:


  8. Laiana says:

    (www.sarah-shahi.fr – Everyone Loves a Latin Girl).
    I LOVE!

  9. La Holandesa Anita says:

    Thank youuuuuu! Sarah & all creative people out here !! Love it! and looooove to see foto”s. Am so happy everyone share. COOL !!:)
    Here’s another we must see! http://fuckyeahsarahshahi.tumblr.com/

  10. PtitePom says:

    Thanks guys, I’m so glad you like the site! Nicole (@luvopieco) from The Shaphoria is awesome. I love that there are so many fans of Sarah all around the world, it’s pretty amazing! #yourock

  11. Lupita says:

    i agree with jurinde & laiana: sarah-shahi.com ftw!! the girl is your best ambassador imho. i bookmarked your site and the frenchy one so i’m sure that my little self can stay up to date ha ha! besides i need to have my daily fix and this fan site sometimes provides news that i can’t read anywhere else − or much much later. not to mention its freakin beautiful design ha ha! (i love this b/w picture of you on the header, you’re absolutely gorgeous!!)

  12. silkz says:

    hey sarah how are u? im a big fan of yours, god you look hot in L word wish i was shane hehe you looked beautiful wish you would come back to L word. hope your ok keep up the good work

  13. Laura says:

    The ones you’ve already given shout outs to are great. There’s also….http://sarahshahifan.com/

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