Let’s Help Out Oceana!

Help! Just Three Weeks Left to Vote for Oceana

Just when you thought the call to vote was over one really important cause still needs your support. Please vote for Oceana and help them win $200,000 from American Express.

Every three months five charities are chosen to receive $200,000 in funding from American Express. There are only three weeks left in this cycle and Oceana is THIS close to winning. Your vote can push them to the top.

PLEASE HELP! Oceana works around the globe to save marine wildlife, promote responsible fishing and stop pollution in the world’s oceans. And now they need your help more than ever.

Go here to cast your vote for Oceana now. And please … pass it on!


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2 Responses to Let’s Help Out Oceana!

  1. Lupita says:

    registering is annoying, and the voting script doesn’t work with firefox (i mean, which site doesn’t work with firefox now ??). but in the end oceana finally got my vote :) (and my patience ha ha)

  2. Laura says:

    I voted.

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