On My Way to Set

Headed to set!

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4 Responses to On My Way to Set

  1. vee says:

    you’ve been blessed. i dont think you could look ugly, not even if you wanted to.
    but you really dont need anything. you’re naturally beautiful.
    no hair stylist, no make up artist, albeit good, can do anything but enlighten what you were born with.
    and its not a compliment – just the truth.

  2. pandoramistica says:

    hi sara, the truth always look so beautiful. I had to give you something you would give a mirror, because after thee the most beautiful is your reflection …
    I like you, I like, I like, I like … You know that you like me?
    do not know if my English is better, forgive me if I made any mistakes the thing is that I speak Spanish.

  3. Meltz says:

    Hi Sarah… just a few words to say “Selamat Pagi” means (good morning) to you… its my birthday today and reading your blog my day :) thank you for making it possible to reach out to you and stay close to your fans around the world. Stay cool!

  4. noedith says:

    Hi Sarah!! Ur hair a mess?? I don’t think so!! U look beatiful and I just like the way u are!! Well take care Sarah!!

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