Photo Gallery: The L Word

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  1. Gigi Beas says:

    1 of the best parts of season 2 :)

  2. Michelle says:

    very sexy pics, the first one is definitely my fav :)

  3. bárbara says:

    hot i love sarah shahi i live in brazil !!!!

  4. mini_dhap says:

    Love these set of pictures !! you and Kate were so hot together. Carmen was the only woman Shane every really loved. Loved Sharmen xx

  5. Patty says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such great chemistry between two actors. You both were very believable in your performances. Love you! =)

  6. Catie says:

    You guys were omg amazing together, the hot chemistry was awesome! You sure knew how to kiss,Sarah. I still get a rush seeing these pics which bring back how amazingly great you made this show with Kate. The one and only Carmen was the love of Shane’s life, I agree, and everybody knows why. Thanks so much for giving us such an amazing lesbian character. Love you,xo
    ( I love the word ‘amazing’, it says it all :) :))

  7. 1lovelylove says:

    Wow i like those pics
    You look a little different now i think maybe your hair…i like it on L word.
    Kiss Sarah !!!

  8. Lothario says:

    The scene that broke my heart. Can Sarah ever look bad?

  9. garanger says:

    Gotta say 2, 5, then 1 are my favs in this set of pics. Lord, how I miss that story line. A spin off should’ve been created just for this delicious couple. You guys played those roles to a T!

    The rest of the story lines and BS was all just background clutter for me after SS joined the cast. There was no more looking forward to Sunday nights for me after season three. Never before, or since, has there been such amazing chemistry between two characters on a TV show, or in a film.

  10. mavis says:

    would be awesome if Carmen appeared for real this time on TLW movie, if Ilene ever finishes the script for it. Nice shots.

  11. Rocio says:

    So hot together. Kiss from Argentina!! I love you sexi Sara

  12. Laiana says:

    All lovely. Loved Sharmen, but i prefered that was me on shane’s place.
    Just a joke!
    Kisses!! xoxo!
    ;) ;)

  13. jenny krajewski says:

    Aww, these are wonderful!!….we all wanted to be shane! I agree,the best chemistry EVER! There will never be a better kiss than the kiss after their date!

  14. Frenchie says:

    Best. Couple. Ever.

  15. Cindirella says:

    I made a video montage of Sharmen love story for season 2

  16. paol03 says:

    I saw this and now I’m on LWord Season 2 and 3 marathon.. I miss Carmen, I still wish Shane ended up with her. Their chemistry is extremely awesome!

  17. diana says:

    While the photos are beautiful I love that series, sarah shahi are a great actress and person
    greetings and kisses from mexico: D

  18. Nic says:

    best. moment. ever.
    why is sarah shahi/ carmen de la pica morales so damn perfect?

  19. fernanda says:

    i’m brasilian too. you are so hot. very very nice girl. kisses =***

  20. Sara Ortiz says:

    wow you are amazing.. I love every photo

  21. kar says:

    I always wondered how actors could take on a role that may be edgy or out of their personal norm. You brought i girlfriend. I loved your character Carmen so much I made a tshirt before they ever came out on the L Word site…that read \I love Carmen\ and wore it to Dinah Shore the first season
    ..I see someone capatalized on the idea. Good reason for it…After you left the show, I really didn’t watch it much. Good luck in your new journey’s.

  22. Ellen says:

    You guys have this incredible chemistry!!!!!

  23. Ellen says:

    you guys have this incredible chemistry!!!

  24. Janise says:

    Very nice! a hug from Brazil!

  25. Janise says:

    very nice! a hug from Brazil!

  26. DANIELE says:

    you are very beautiful!!!i love you!!

  27. Dior Novello says:

    you are beyond beautiful.. lol

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