Sarah’s Morning Routine: ‘Fairly Legal’

This is what Sarah does every morning to get ready for ‘Fairly Legal’. What is your morning routine?

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14 Responses to Sarah’s Morning Routine: ‘Fairly Legal’

  1. Cute video!
    The girls at LesbianGamers and LesbianGeek can’t wait for Fairly Legal to start! The promo is so funny.

    Yes we still miss Carmen, but Kate looks hilarious!

    Great stuff!

  2. Laura says:

    My mornings are exactly like that to. It’s like looking through a mirror.

    Ok that’s a lie.

  3. Val C says:

    Hey Sarah
    My mornings are the same everyday…wake up at 7 then i wake up my sisters for school go back to bed till 8 then getting back up putting my hair in a ponytail brushig my teeth gettin dressed and heading off to work

  4. pamsees says:

    what do i do? mm.. i open my eyes and i thank God for letting me be in touch with you. haha :)
    thank you for posting updates Sarah, this is why i am your avid fan. :D

  5. Laiana says:

    I don’t have routine. I’m a physiotherapist and i work at 2 hospitals in the ICU, in shifts varied of 6h, 12h or 24h. So, there are days that i don’t sleep, there are days that i sleep in the morning when i get back home, there are days that i wake up early, there are days that i sleep after midnight and wake up late….bla bla bla. Fortunatelly i don’t have routine. I can handle stay awake for over 24h with a good coffee and a red bull. What you think?
    Kisses!! Love you!!

  6. Jess says:

    Heeyyy, chances are I’m listening to that exact same album in the morning. But my zombie morning involves less people doing my hair and makeup and more of me letting the dog out to do her dirty, sinful business and contemplating how much coffee my body can safely consume in one day. Safety first!

  7. ladykythe says:

    i don’t have a morning routine mainly because i don’t wake up til afternoon…morning is too early for me. So it’s “have a good day!” for me always. :)

  8. Shanna says:

    What I do in the morning depends on my day. Usually get dressed, make a ponytail, get the kids ready for school, do some household stuff, etc. But when I go out I love to do my hair and make up!!!

  9. naah marques says:

    I pretty much just do some cleaning around the house, try to eat a good breakfast and then just study and study ! loved your sleepy eyes :P (kinda looking like mine today, I´m not a fan of early class on saturdays !)

  10. Jurinde says:

    trying to get out off bed and turn the buzzer off

  11. Jessica R says:

    haha, i don’t know why, but i was laughing in the whole video clip :P you are so cute!! that’s true! ;D i wish i could meat you someday, that would be the fantastic thing that could happen to me, sarah! :D :D you’re the best! <3

  12. lupita says:

    I like it

  13. Raianne says:

    Wow! Very Good! You’re so Cute!!!Thanks for show a little of your life for us !!! Love You! am…..On the morning , am I not doing anything, for now…Because im searching a job …. =P Xo!

  14. Iva Miller says:

    Stretch; start coffee; brush teeth and wash face; drink coffee; get dressed in my ultra feminine park uniform or jeans/shorts depending on the day of the wk; feed dogs and feed cats; drink more coffee and then head off to meet the day. Geeeez, this sounds boring….oh well, It Is What It Is. lol

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