Shades of Ray: Movie Photos

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10 Responses to Shades of Ray: Movie Photos

  1. 1lovelylove says:

    Im looking for the movie…can’t wait to see it :)

  2. 1lovelylove says:

    Zachary Levi is so hot <3 how could you not fall in love with him lol

  3. Ned says:


  4. Mariana says:

    So beautiful… ^^

  5. Mariana says:

    Are you real? hahaha. I’m kidding! Anyway, it’s hard to believe that exist someone: beautiful, with a amazing talent and smart!

  6. Temica says:

    1lovelylove, i saw it like a month and a half ago on netflix. It was good of course, Sarah was in it. But the dad was hilarious.

  7. shazia says:

    u r not belong to this earth,
    u,r heavenly creature,
    an angel,
    sweetest person on this earth.

  8. shazia says:

    something is in ur eyes…
    don,t know wht but,there is something special.

  9. kaca says:

    heyy guys,when is going to be a premiere of this movie??

  10. ms.audrey says:

    love it

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