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6 Responses to Personal Photos

  1. Marine says:

    You are really cute ! I’d like to have your body ah ah ^^
    Thanks for these great pics ! Good to look ^^
    Good continuation to you Sarah !

  2. Stef says:

    I would have not guessed you rode horses. Girl you need to get some gold and silver on them horses. On the saddle, bridle, something! LOL! Or let me come ride them and get them in shape for you. I used to barrel race, rodeo in other words, but you are from Texas so you know!! You can see my horse in one pic on my myspace. Look up Alexus Madison. Thats me. And another thing, maybe im weird like this but I think your sexest when your not trying to be so sexy!!! Maybe thats just the straight side to me!! LMAO But dont get me wrong you are very pretty!

  3. pete says:

    very nice pictures, really do show off the beautifuil women you are

  4. Delton says:

    I truly enjoy your new show, Fairly Legal. Your smile surly brightens up the world. You are a Goddess!

  5. Steven says:

    Love seeing you on Fairly Legal, it is so nice getting to see you smile every week again :)
    Miss seeing you on ‘Life’ it was a very well thought out show, even if they didn’t let you smile much.

  6. Delton says:

    Sarah, If ever there were a true Goddess, it would be you!!!!

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