A Big ‘Thank You’ From Me!

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes! – Sarah

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19 Responses to A Big ‘Thank You’ From Me!

  1. noedith says:

    Ur welcome Sarah!! I love u sooo much!! Have fun this weekend with ur husband and ur friends!! Take lots of pics and please upload it as soon as you can ok?? Love u .. take care!!

  2. nhai says:

    thanks sarah, y0u’re s0 sweet. Happy birthday

  3. wanda rivera says:

    ur welcome…looking forward to ur show next week and enjoy ur b’day celebration.b’day’s come only once a year so live it while u can…congrats on ur b’day and the new show!!!

  4. Noor says:

    How is it going Sarah,
    Wishes you all well and good in all joints of your social life and the process
    Holiday Happy Birthday and May God make all of your holidays and the good

    I love you because you are really very unique person .
    Kisses for you

    Noor – Iraq

  5. nicola robinson says:

    It still amazes me that you take the time to thank your fans so personally :) thats why your number 1 to us x

  6. shazia says:

    ur soooooooooo wellcome sarah ,
    u r such a sweetheart,
    love u more thn anything,
    and this love is for u from,pakistan,
    tc.ALLAH bless always.

  7. nenadonna says:

    u welcome sarah!!and hope u´ve taken many pics of u birthday and please upload soon,thk u 4 being so honest and simply,love you….

  8. Denise says:

    Hi Sarah!!

    Have fun and..take a lot of pictures!!
    You are so beautiful.. (:


  9. Hugues TIMMERMANS says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Happy Birthday from Belgium!

  10. Kay says:

    happy late b-day. have 10in of snow here in Ga!! sooooo cant wait for the 20th!!!! may have to lay outta work that nite!!! lol loved Life!!! so glad you have a new show!!! you should be on The Talk!!!! hope you had fun gettn shit faced! LOL

  11. Jessica Risan says:

    you welcome, honey ; D you are so cute!! have a nice day

  12. Gmn2001 says:

    We love u Sarah! Hope u had great time with ur family!!! U`re the cutest girl in the whole universe! Hugs

  13. George Schmidt says:

    O.M.G.! How the F did I miss your b’day!?!?!

    So sorry honey! Apologies; consider this your ‘first’ Happy Birthday for the next (I know this one – 30 – is a hallmark as well!)

  14. mini_dhap says:

    lol get “shit faced” you are hillarious !!!! hope you did have a wonderful birthday. THANK YOU for being so awesome and always keeping us updated we appreciate the time you take out to do these videos for us. So thank you thank you !!! Love and Support you always xoxoxox

  15. Jessica says:

    you are so sweet…really wishing you and your family a big prosperous year..have a great life, great shows, and even more episodes…

    xoxo only for you…\(>o<)/

  16. pamsees says:

    you are so welcome my dear Sarah :) .. with that thank you video, i can never ask for more.. but to thank you to the fullest for giving us a lil time and effort of yours to make it.. you’re the best for me and i know to a lot of people around the world. hope you stay the same.. happy birthday again.. have a blasting shit faced! lmao XD

  17. Kara says:

    Happy Birthday! Ok …. could you PULEASE PULEASE PULEASE write a blog post about your skincare and makeup routine. You look great … and I know we would all love to know your secrets. Maybe what moisturizer, foundation, powder, lipstick favs you have. You seem to rock the same look in most of your pics (flawless skin and blushed lip). As a makeup and skincare fiend I am dying to know. Thanks! :-)

  18. patrick says:

    happy belated birthday sarah…did’nt know much about you till i watched the L word this month and also the sopranos…i just had to google u!
    you’re very talented! keep doing what you do am now a fan of yours for life!!!!

    Patrick from Virginia

  19. Joe Murray says:

    I just spent 90 minutes getting to know Sarah Shahi. To say that you knocked it out of the ballpark would be correct. I’ll be back for more. I think Fairly Legalwill be a big hit for y0u and USA Network.

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