Chat LIVE with Sarah Shahi!

*This chat has ended.

Hey Shahi Fans – want to chat LIVE with Sarah? Well here’s your chance! Friday (today) at 4:00pm Pacific Time, we will have a live chat with Sarah Shahi on USA’s official Fairly Legal website or right here on – and you should totally join! The event can even be embedded on your own website/blog!  You can just watch, or you can participate. Here’s a list of things you’ll need if you want to ask questions and join the fun:

-A Twitter, Facebook OR account
(to join and ask text questions)


-Ear buds
-Web Cam
(to ask video questions)

**Remeber to use the “Ask a Question Button” and if you want to be seen on Video, set up your camera and then you can ask VIDEO questions live! For more information see Julie/PtitePoms site SarahShahiFR!

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16 Responses to Chat LIVE with Sarah Shahi!

  1. garanger says:

    Yes!!! I’ll be there!!


  3. Ohdile says:

    I’ll be there for sure :)

  4. Patty Martinez says:

    I’m so gonna be there!!!!! =)

  5. GG says:

    yes i hv everything i need 2 c sexy shahi….that’s rad

  6. sue says:

    hey im from lebanon from middle east and would like to know if it is on friday at 4:oo pm what time would it be in my country??

  7. Jerry says:

    I will,Sarah!You are such a blessing to me!I love you!

  8. Jav says:

    Diamond…a.k.a sarah …. thats like 12.00am in the U.K!! I’ll be there :-)

  9. Lyla Fazaa says:

    Ohhh it will be 2:00 am for me in Paris =/ but i’ll be there =)
    see u hun’

  10. mini_dhap says:

    aaah 12am in the UK…but you’re worth it !! speak to you soon xoxo

  11. De Landsheer Caroline says:

    Hey Sarah, greetzzzzzzzzzzz from Belgium. You know, the country who does have a king and queen but doesn’t have a gouvernment ;-)
    I liked you on the L Word, and ok although you were not in the last 3 seasons, i’m pretty sure you might know, if there will actually be a movie or a sequal, maybe another Final season? Could you help me with that? I’m a realy big fan. I asked Leisha H a few months ago, but she jus answered it remains to be seen. Thnx already ;-)

  12. Jessica Risan says:

    im seeing you on old school right now on tv :D haha so funny, with the vegetables!

  13. Laís says:

    Brazil loves you, Sarah.

  14. noedith says:

    I came late but at least I saw and hear you Sarah!! Love the way you are girl .. love u sooo much!! When is it gonna be the next Live chat?? xD

  15. alchemist says:

    BOOOOOO!!! i missed it! FAAAWWWKK! =*/

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