Check out Sarah on EXTRA with Mario Lopez!

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9 Responses to Check out Sarah on EXTRA with Mario Lopez!

  1. shazia says:

    ooooooooo my GOD
    sarah ur really something special,
    ur not like others,
    dont know wht to say for u,
    im always speechless, :-( (

  2. Sheryl D'cunha says:

    Because you’re Beautiful
    This poem’s addressed
    To you
    Because you’re beautiful
    No matter what
    You do
    Because you’re beautiful
    The sun rises
    Every day
    Because you’re beautiful
    The mist shrouds a
    Dreamy day
    Because you’re beautiful
    A blossom blooms and holds
    Its scent
    Because you’re beautiful
    Songs sung in your heart
    Are meant
    Because you’re beautiful
    Reflections shine
    And glint
    Because you’re beautiful
    Poems are written
    Heaven sent
    Because you are beautiful
    This is all that this
    Poem’s said
    Just in case you may have
    Any doubt
    This poem’s heaven sent
    To tell you
    You are beautiful
    And that is what this poem
    Is about.

  3. noedith says:

    Mario Lopez has a great body!! A very funny video!! Love u lots Sarah!!

  4. Patt Lee says:

    hey, great interview… i hope steve don’t get pissed with your hands in mario’s chest!! =D

    good luck to both of you, Shameless is a great show too, and Fairly Legal is AWESOME!

  5. Sarahisabsolutelyfreakingreat says:

    OMG, Sarah, you make me smile so much. Your personality is just a ray of sunshine.

  6. Darrin says:

    Love your show. Nice interview. You seem really cool.

  7. nenadonna says:

    u guys are so lovely!!!!funny video!! you two are very natural !!love u guys!!!

  8. Jessica says:

    why is it the video is being removed?? I haven’t got the chance to see it… T______________T

  9. Lola says:

    i needed something to make me LAUGH..!!
    thank you!
    keep that smile

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