Sarah in Maxim – February 2011

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14 Responses to Sarah in Maxim – February 2011

  1. Laura says:

    lol @ the lesbian comment

  2. Darklighter says:

    WOW! Fantastic! How about Playboy next?……please?

  3. Wayland Quon says:

    Wow, you look great after giving birth recently. Tell me how you did it. My wife and I want to know.

  4. mini_dhap says:

    lol we hoped kate moennig could turn you !!

  5. Hugues TIMMERMANS says:

    Very nice picture. I think it’s even better than the pics you made for Mens Health Magazine! You look just gorgious.

  6. Katie b. says:

    Haha youre an amazing actress and carmen is definatley the hottest lez ever.. Lol were commited to seeing sarah succeed and to see you any way we can even straight ;) <33

  7. mustafa says:

    great pictures

  8. mustafa says:

    I am so happy

  9. anukexpat says:

    Blimey, need to buy that issue…

  10. Angela says:

    Hot Dayum Sarah, I so wish you played for our team and not just played one of us on T.V lol You leave me breathless….

  11. noedith says:

    Woooow!! I love that pic!! I need to get that issue asap xD The day u turn … OMG I’ll catch the first plane to USA :D but u never felt anything when u made the hot scenes with kate moenning??

  12. SaraOrtiz says:

    Woooww!! I dont know how you make it.. its just like a fantasy, your personality and attitud.
    Always so sexy and kind at the same time.. you make us go crazy

  13. Chad March says:

    If anyone knows what bathing suit Sarah wore in this picture could you please let me know asap. My girlfriend absolutely loves it and I’d love to be able to get it for her for Valentine’s day. So please let me know asap.

  14. Snaye says:

    Straight or gay, i’m happy either way ^_^

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