The Big Day is Here – Fairly Legal Premieres Tonight on USA 10/9c!

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55 Responses to The Big Day is Here – Fairly Legal Premieres Tonight on USA 10/9c!

  1. 1lovelylove says:

    That’s the Big day ! The big night !! good luck Sarah you deserve the best ;) Don’t worry you are a great great actress so it cant be nothing but a success ! i love you a lot !

  2. Mallori says:

    Don’t worry Sarah!!! It will be an amazing show!! Everything you do is amazing so I wouldn’t worry if I were you!! Good Luck and I hope the show is a big hit so I will get to see you once a week!! Love you <3

  3. Liz says:

    I will be watching!!! Im sure you will be great =)

  4. Liz says:

    I will be watching!!! Im sure you will be great =) cant wait

  5. JeAl says:

    With help of very, very good people I’ ll watch it to tomorow here in far Croatia ;-) Tumbs up!!

  6. Ivy says:

    If everybody who ever loved Sarah Shahi in The L Word would tune in to Fairly Legal, you have a guaranteed viewership of a minimum of a gazillion bazillion viewers! We love you Sarah Goddess, FAIRLY LEGAL is already a big hit!! Just relax and stay gorgeous…

  7. Jerry says:

    I will be watching tonight from Gulfport,MS!

  8. mini_dhap says:

    aarrgghh im so excited for you !!! all the best for tonigh, it is going to be amazing and people are finally going to realise that you are a fantastic actress !! Don’t be nervous, ratings will be high and you will be back for season 2. We have faith in you. Congratulations Fairly Legal has finally arrived.
    Love and support you always xoxoxo

  9. Chris says:

    Yes! What Mallori said! From the clips I’ve seen this show is a winner! I’ve been looking forward to this for so long, I can’t believe it’s finally time. Yes!

  10. Jimmy Adames says:

    Sarah, I wish you and everyone involved with Fairly Legal the utmost success. USA has a great track record airing some of the top cable television shows so you will be in good company. I’m stoked! Again, GOOD LUCK although I’m sure you won’t need it…

  11. Patty says:

    IT’S THE BIG NIGHT TONIGHT!!!!!!!! no need to be nervous, you have THOUSANDS of us fans who will watch and support you!!!! good…no GREAT to have you back on our tv screens!!!! Woo Fairly Legal!!! It’s going to be a HIT, miss Hollywood IT girl!!!! =D Love you!!! no worries, everything is going to be FANTASTIC!!!!

  12. Patt Lee says:

    Don’t worry, Sarah, i’m sure the premiere will be awesome… and us, your fans, will always support you… GOOD LUCK!

  13. Laura says:

    Good Luck!!

  14. Lud Vanela says:

    I can’t wait.. what time it is???? It’s not 10 yet

  15. GeoKooL says:

    DVR is set to record and will watch tonight.

  16. seana russell says:

    yo yo we got this…all ur fans r ober excited 4 the show…..good luck gurl

  17. ingrid (: says:

    Hey beautiful, this is your BIG day! Don’t worry Sarah, you have thousands of us fans who will watch and support you! Fairly Legal is going to be a huge success. And don’t forget darling: you’re amazing just the way you are! Congrats (:

    I love ya too much,

  18. garanger says:

    You’re kidding, right? Now way would we NOT watch your new show!! Seems to me that you’ve worked your ass off promoting the show, so relax and enjoy your rewards. We’ve been there for you since you first began your acting career, and we intend to stay by your side (so to speak!). Can’t remember the last time I’ve been so excited for the debut of a new show. You’re going to the TOP, and we’re going with you! Now, breathe!

  19. naah marques says:

    I´m so excited …you have no idea ! I wish you, and your crew, all the luck and sucess, I can see that you´re really nervous but we´re here to support you always ! xoxo from Brazil :D

  20. Luis N. says:

    I look forward it watching your season premiere. I am also a Texan…..and you are representing very well. “Keep smiling because you never know who is falling in love with you”…… Good luck!

    -Luis N.

  21. Patrick Doyle says:

    I am watching the show now as i write and all i can say is WOW!!!
    You are one sexy woman and a great actress. I am not one for watching T.V. shows but i will make time to watch you. Good luck and i hope the show does well. And did i mention that you are SEXY!!!

  22. Stef says:

    Im your fan, I really really am, and I tried, I really really did, but I couldnt get all the way through the show. I dont comment to nobody that I know want comment back or that I dont even know, just you. But I think that its just not you, and it could be, but something is just missing, like in a big way. I have my ideas as to what it might be but you probably could careless what im saying right now, but im telling you, im on your side, and im so sorry Sarah. I feel like I shouldnt be sayin bad things especially over so random comments that you probably will not get or read but I dont want to lie and you said you wanted feedback and I was going crazy watching it and feeling really bad for you but mad too cause I know that you are a good actress! I just didnt get the writers humor and I think that you need more, cant put my finger on it yet, but more, and no not sex! I want even watch sex scenes, I fast forward. I hope its just me and I hope that im one in a million that didnt get with the show, I really do. Maybe there is something im missing and the show is really great!! Yea, its me, again so so sorry Sarah!!

  23. garanger says:

    The show is all I hoped it would be! You really OWN Kate. Can hardly wait for the rest of the them to air. Great work, Sarah! Thank you!

  24. Erik, Esq. says:

    Just saw the show — one word — ADORABLE (you and the show). Good luck.

  25. Mandar says:

    Loved it!

  26. Gemini Mister says:

    Enjoyed the series premiere of Fairly Legal. Sarah was awesome!!! The show has a lot of promise. Original and loved the setting.

  27. Dennis says:

    Superbly done Sarah! The part of Kate was made for you and no one could have played her any better than you. I liked the pace of the show and I especially like your characters quick whit and snappy retort. I also think Fairly Legal will take a little time buiding its audience. You have proven your ability to act, now success is up to the writers of your show. Congratulations on a job so well done. Dennis

  28. Nicole says:

    Sarah, you are one of a kind but somehow you make it look easy to multiply your face into these other people, that become just as real to all of us. Not all actors can achieve this, but you do it with ease and beauty. I have followed all of the other characters you have given life, and I look forward to watching Kate’s unfold as well. Big Hugs!!!

  29. craig smith says:

    i’m really feeling the show your warm and carry the show very well, the story line is different your sex appeal will take the show far .

    your a beautiful woman that has the t.v goddess look i loved you in your last show on t.v where you was a cop i was pissed that show didn’t come back, but you took time out to start a family good for you. sarah your a doll and i’ loved the pilot your so sweet and the light of the show .
    and on top of all that looking real sexy in those skirt good luck to you

    a real fan

  30. Mark says:

    Very quick paced, kept my attention the whole show.. Great sparkling performance by a very remarkable actress, she managed to keep her high energy performance, great facial and body language invested throughout the entire show. I won’t miss an episode. Even threw in a night cap.. in a T-shirt to seal the deal! Great job Sarah!

  31. We LOVE Fairly Legal. Loved you in LIFE, also. Hope it stays on forever.
    Thanks. Good luck.

  32. Show is amazing, smart, funny, sexy and engaging!

  33. Oleksii says:

    Just watched the first episode. It’s awesome. Really.
    I couldn’t watch it on TV (I’m across the world from you). I downloaded it from the internet.
    You can’t imagine my disappointment when I found out that there is one episode only aired so far.
    So I will be waiting for others keeping my fingers crossed that people like the show and the ratings will be high.
    I’m so excited and impressed by your performance so in the meanwhile I’ve got to watch some of your other shows/movies ( I’m sorry I never knew about you before).
    so now I’m going through the list of all your movies on the imdb. Which one to watch next? any suggestions?
    Good luck and take care of your muse :-)

  34. Tasha says:

    Amazing job Sarah!!! Your performance as Kate was amazing. It’s one new show that I’m trully excited about watching. You and the cast did not disappoint…Im thrilled about the season to come. Congrats on the success of the show! Great Job again!

  35. BernieB says:

    That was great! I would have preferred the title was “Facing Kate”. I can’t wait to see what other cases she’ll encounter.

  36. El Guappo says:

    First time I’ve had the pleasure of watching you work. I have to comment on your acting because you are wonderful actress exactly like another fine actress I watched for years. If you have not watched the TV series Las Vegas I would be very surprised. You could be Sam’s twin sister! I look forward on watching you for years to come.

  37. Jack H. says:

    What a terrific performance! I’ll be a regular viewer from now on. May your show for as long as you wish it to.

  38. Russ Bartee says:

    Loved you as Dani, loving you as Kate! Keep it up… making Fort Worth proud!

  39. Stef says:

    The title Fairly legal makes sense in more ways than one and is perfect! Sarah plays Kate as good as Kate can possible be played and thats what I love bout Sarah. I just think that the times in between the funny parts is way too long and there is way too many drug out conversations that completely lose my attention. Its the writers 4sure that im havin a problem with. The show is cute and it has good qualities but I think Sarah needs somethin more unless she wants that soccer mom appeal and if so then she is playing a role that will giv her that type of feel!! I would just like 2c her play in a more dramatic and intense type of role, something that makes her push herself!!! I could see something like a Sleeping with the Enemy type character or tha movie that Jennifer Lopez plays where she is runnin from her husband and them comes back and kicks his ass, something tuff. I cant remember but something 2prove her skills instead of somethin so whatever although she is great funny too but…I like it some ok!! U all are just being nice and like what she looks like!!! Im watching her talent not her”talent” if ya know what I mean!! The reason I like Sarah is because of Carmen. Im not gonna lie! My 1st girlfriend and only girlfriend was a latino and her family was the sameway and im ALOT like Shane 2speak. Im cool like her in real life, lol!! That relationship was very unexpected cause im into men really but she was mega fine just like carmen so..ya know the deal but them two characters blows me away cause its like a show about me and her, atleast that part. And Carmen plays a great role as a latino cause my girlfriend was JUST LIKE that in real life! Same exact personality!! She wanted 2tell her family about me and would have but we where scared at the sametime and she was really straight, or had been until she meet me and the chemistry was amazingly off the rector scale so..ya know how that went!!!!

  40. sofia says:

    well… sarah i don’t knwo about the others but i LOVED that show… i really can’t wait for the next episode…. and cause i am not from the USA… please do your magic again and post the link for the episode on facebook if you please……..

    i super extra love ya and i really hope i will be able to see you in real life one day … even if you pass infrond of me for just one second… i really like you and your shows like life and the fairly legal….. sooooo


  41. Rob says:

    Not only are you one of the most beautiful women in the world, but you have talent that will undoubtedly make you a huge star. Really cool show.

  42. Carlos says:

    Great job Sarah ; )

    You were amazing for the pilot showing of Fairly Legal!

    Loved the writing, kept up a steady pace, so the show moved along well, and I thought the characters were each brought into the plot in a organized manner, allowing audience to really become engaged…

    The scene of you negotiating a corner store hold up was outrageous, now that was so original I had to keep watching to see what was next, and I think we will see you making a strong fashion statement in the future, professional look with sex appeal.

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to more episodes and hope this show is picked up mid-season; USA has a hit, and you carry the show very well ; )

    Much success to you and the crew,

    Los Angeles, CA USA

  43. Cam says:

    Loved it! Smart, funny and delicious!

    and love the ring tones!

  44. Brian Zelk says:

    I had seen a couple adds for your new show, Fairly Legal, but had not intention of watching. That changed on Saturday morning. The kids were sleeping late and I turned the TV on to kill time. Your pilot was being run back-to-back and I became an instant fan.

    Your portrayal of Kate Reed was seemless and impressive, especially for a series pilot. The intelligence, spirit, strength and vulnerability you give the character had me asking questions and wanting to know Kate better after every scene.

    I’m now a fan of the show and you!! Congratulations and great work!!

  45. Ryan says:

    The premiere was all I thought it would be & more, another fantastic show on USA. Sarah, you were superb, you were perfectly cast as Kate & you’ve brought so much to the role I feel – witty, edgy, funny, carefree, beautiful, & sexy all rolled up into one. From The L Word & Life to Fairly Legal, you’ve really had a chance to shine & show your talents as an actress. Great to see you back on TV again & Fairly Legal is a show I feel will have a vast amount of success. Congrats!

    All in all, I’ll say justice looked VERY good on Thursday night & will do so each and every Thursday night @ 10 PM. ;)

    Kudos & love

  46. Jhoanna says:

    Loved the Pilot! Can’t wait for all the rest :)

  47. Frankie says:

    I liked it. Couple of continuity errors, but nothing really bad. The scene in the coffee shop seemed entirely unbelievable though.

    Otherwise, the writing seemed nice and crisp, well-paced without being whip-your-neck fast, and the characters seemed cast well and they played them well. I especially liked the first courtroom scene, that had me laughing (trying to figure out who the judge was without hitting IMDB though; I can *see* him somewhere else but I can’t remember where).

    Oh, and, errr, kudos on the costumes. My God, Sarah’s legs ought to be bronzed. . . .

  48. Bonnie says:

    The show was awesome! I cannot wait for the next episode!

  49. Sufi says:

    OMG ITS IN SAN FRAN I LIVE AROUND THERE!!!! I was soooo shocked ahhhhhh it was so good!!

  50. mxerman says:

    Wow Sarah, you were awesome in the show. I too liked the pace of the show. I think the characters will develop very well in the coming episodes. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing you every week. Continued good luck, mxerman

  51. Quincy says:

    I just happen to fall upon the show Thurday. I must say that I was throughly entertained for the entire episode! That is an event for me, being that I’m not one to gravitate towards many tv shows very often. I’m definitely intrigued to know what is on the horizon for Kate. The show was great and at the right pace. Sarah fit this role very nicely. I apologize for not being familiar with your body of work, but you definitely have acquired a new fan! Great job and I wish you and the show much success! can’t wait for episode two!

  52. Claudia says:

    I loved it.. Very entertaining. Love your charactor aggressive girl know what she wants and gonna get it.. Love how you live in your boat hehe.. I download it also from Itunes and will continue to download more of them off itunes..
    Your awesome.. Sarah keep up the great work..

  53. Thomas says:

    I like the show, I like the way Kate is written but the show seems a bit uneven. Episode 2 was going well until suddenly the wrongly convicted man is going to open an after school place for kids? Where did that come from?
    One other gripe I have is that it seems they’ve tarted Kate up- the makeup makes her look quite pale. I miss the bronze look with the dark hair that she rocked on ‘Life.’ Ah, but what do I know?
    Good luck with the show, I’ll keep watching!

  54. Mark Karle says:

    You have pretty feet !

  55. jose says:

    lets wish you the best for the show and that goes on for a few seasons….inshallah!

    PS: If u ever wanna marry someone else, gimme a call :P

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