Sarah’s Video Blog for YOU – 2/10/2011

Don’t forget to watch Fairly Legal – Thursday’s at 10/9c!

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15 Responses to Sarah’s Video Blog for YOU – 2/10/2011

  1. mini_dhap says:

    You totally just made my day by wishing me a happy birthday on twitter 5mins ago !! Love Fairly Legal and haven’t missed an episode yet, and we will beat J.Shore one day I have in us !! Thank you for the video and thank you for the tweet :o ) Love You Always xoxoxox

  2. Grace says:

    Honey…your star is about to catch flame. All I can say is hold on tight because your world is about to get crazy busy. You will be the next person to go platinum in the world of TV. Now that Fairly Legal is playing here in Canada on Wednesday nights at 10pm on Showcase your Canadians fan base will grow too. Most of my friends are watching it now and really Love it. You will by pass your competition very soon. God bless!!!

  3. GeminiMister says:

    Mersey More has nothing on you and the cast of Fairly Legal. I’m a fan for life! I recently saw the ratings are holding steady so we can be confident that there will be a great chance Fairly Legal gets picked up for another round of episodes and beyond.

  4. Julija says:

    i dont know…but “Fairly Lega” is kind of borring.. very little action…talk talk talk…have seen 3episodes,but it wont interesting to me…pitty…

    i ve watch video when u throught the cake into his face, that makes me lought ,that was really aw! xD and your coment” u guys are really relax here” xD u re so funny :D

  5. luis fernando says:

    anyone know if the show can be seen in mexico? or when?

  6. Rayma says:

    omg!! u are awsome atress my inglesh is bad sorry jaa but in mexico we love u :D DDD

  7. shazia says:

    sarahhhh i realy love u more n more n more every day,
    whn ever i saw ur videos,
    ur the besttttttttttttt of the best person and actress

  8. STEFANNIA says:

    I love you sarah i’m from colombia it’s a pleasure to see your pretty face i love your serie the l word… I’d wanna to meet you personality!!! so, when you are visit colombia you are welcome in colombia!! congratulations and god bless you !

  9. Jav says:

    Hey Diamond… been a while since ive written to you.. look at you … videoing when everyone is asleep!! Your just a gem! Can’t wait for Bo me once!! I’ve been watching from U.K… don’t ask how, but with great difficulty. Wish I could just move to L.A! You need a P.A? I’m excellent with kids too x

  10. Marilyn Gonzalez says:

    Hey Sarah,

    Looking foward to that live chat next friday and Im ready to watch the new episode of fearly legal. Got a couple of friends at my place with a couple of beers we ready for the show LOL…. Hope to speak to u soon xoxo!! Ur #1 Fan In Jersey !!!

  11. Grace says:

    My gift to you. This Intention is for you. All you have to do is say it out loud. “I intend that my new show, ‘Fairly Legal’, will surpass Jersy Shore in the ratings. This or something better is now manifesting for me in total Love, total Harmony and total Satisfaction. All of
    my intentions serve the Highest Good of everyone everywhere. So Be It and So It Is. It Is Done.” The more people you can get to say it with you the better. Especially the the So Be It part, it’s called getting others to align with your Intention.
    The part about serving the highest good is a safety catch if you will. So no intentions that cause harm manifest. You will see the results within three episodes. This really does work. God bless hun.

  12. Jose says:

    Sarah, you are a great actress. You totally sell the character (or you are just like her! :P ) either way, i bet you will get sucess.
    If not with this serial, with the next project. But you are.
    good luck! :)

  13. Mike B. says:

    Here are the numbers from last night’s show…

    Fairly Legal (USA, 10:01pm, 59 minutes)
    - 3.471 million viewers
    - 2.2/4 HH
    - 1.0/3 A18-49

    Slipped a bit in overall household ratings, but holding firm on the golden Adults 18-49.

    See ya next week, I’ll be watching :) All my best!

  14. naah marques says:

    I just love this videos that you make from your house when everybody is
    sleeping, it´s so cute the way that you whisper…

    and about the show, your performance is amazing, your´re so funny, the show
    is really great. I wish I could watch on tv, but I have to download on the
    internet, cause here in Brazil is not on any channels yet and I don´t even
    know if it´s gonna be on any of them. Just keep doing this amazing job :D

    take care

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