SARAH SHAHI returns to TV Jan 2011 as the star of USA network’s new dramedy, FAIRLY LEGAL.  Sarah plays Kate Reed, a former lawyer fed up with the injustice of the justice system, who becomes a mediator, much to the chagrin of her father, founder of the law firm where she works, and her ex-husband, an Assistant District Attorney for San Francisco.  When her father dies, Kate’s beliefs are tested, and the fact that she can solve anyone’s conflicts except her own, all the more evident.

Sarah’s recently feature roles include EAST FIFTH BLISS opposite Lucy Liu and Michael C. Hall, and SHADES OF RAY produced by Jake Kasdan.  In “Shades,” Sarah plays a feisty East Indian school teacher who inspires American-born Ray, (Zachary Levi) struggling with his multi-cultural identity, to take risks in love.

Sarah starred opposite Tony Shalhoub in the 2007 movie AMERICAN EAST, about Arab-Americans living in a post 9/11 Los Angeles.  ”American East,” which examines long-held misconceptions about Arabic and Islamic culture, was an official selection at the Dubai, Cairo, Hamptons and Milan International Film Festivals.

Fans of the NBC series LIFE remember Sarah starring as Dani Reese, an LAPD beat cop and recovering addict battling her demons opposite Golden Globe nominee Damian Lewis.  In 2008 “Life” won an AFI award for Television Program of the Year.

Some of Sarah’s other memorable TV roles include Carmen, the free-spirited, yet grounded Latina DJ caught in assorted love triangles during two seasons on the the cult hit drama, THE ‘L’ WORD; her performance on HBO’s THE SOPRANOS opposite James Gandolfini; appearances on DAWSON’S CREEK, FRASIER, and ALIAS; and in the features “OLD SCHOOL,” FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION and RUSH HOUR 3.

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