Sarah Shahi Bio

Sarah Shahi Bio

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  1. Gay AtoOoN says:

    I love you and you my angel, you were great in The L Word
    I keep watching the l word almost like every day, I wish I can met you one day
    Its one of my dreams and believe me when I say most of my dreams contains you
    Sorry coz my english is Bad I’m from Kwt and I’m doing my best to learn English
    Love You

  2. Shirley Suene says:

    Tenho um grande sonho em te conhecer…….mas vejo esse sonho tão distante……..
    enfim…. enquanto isso fico aqui sonhando em um dia te ver…
    amo você!!!!!!!!

  3. Marilyn Gonzalez says:

    OMG I Love this pic u looked amazing as always!!! Im looking foward to chat with u thru your web page. Im one of many fans that u have and it all started with the L Word. U really brought the show to life and it really wasn’t the same with out u. I only wish u the best and also hope one day to have the furtune to meet u in person. Eres muy hermosa q Dios te bendiga a ti y a tu familia.

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